JOSH is driven by a relentless need to find survivors of the infection, due to the nature of his own rescue as a child.  

He maintains a strong front for Penelope, but underneath that shell cracks are slowly appearing, as he struggles to maintain his composure amidst the wasteland of broken cities, a winter without end, and his own survival-at-all-costs instincts.  


The heart of Chrysalis, PENELOPE maintains a sense of childlike wonder even in the face of the decaying world she and Josh have inherited, and discovers the depths of her own strength and independence through their continued fight for survival.

Loyal and committed to Josh, she struggles to conceive a much-desired child with him, hoping to rebuild what was lost. As her own body rejects these plans, however, Pen feels a hidden yet growing insecurity, forced to the surface when Abira enters their world.  


A mysterious and intelligent woman, ABIRA is rescued by Josh and Penelope while en route to a safe house where the rest of her group is waiting.  

She is a collector, having also kept records of every person she meets and their accounts of the infection.  Her strong survival instincts belie a complex, tragic, and hidden past, and her true motivations are unclear even to those closest to her.